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About GBF Pedritos

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Good Boy Foundation Pedritos are a collection of 10,101 unique, algorithmically generated NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. The coveted collection features various traits and characteristics, including clothes, headgear, accessories, jewellery, mouthpieces and facial hair.

The team behind the Good Boy Foundation are animal lovers and NFT enthusiasts who all share a common goal— to aid struggling animal shelters and help ease the suffering of street dogs and abandoned animals worldwide.

Pedrito owners are awarded voting rights over which shelter receives funding and donations. Owners will also have the option of nominating a shelter, sanctuary, or non-profit organisation. The Good Boy Foundation employs due diligence procedures to ensure that all proposed shelters are legitimate and authentic.


My memories as a small pup are a little hazy, but I remember that there were seven of us. Five boy-pups and two girl-pups. We lived in a big inside with many other dogs in Tomelloso, a small town in the south of Spain. I loved it there during the sunshine hours, but it'd get really cold during the darkness hours, and we'd all have to sleep on top of each other to stay warm.

Every once in a while, Two-Leggers would come to take a look at us, and if we were lucky, they'd take us home with them. I used to try my best to get their attention. I'd jump up, spin around, and bark as loud as I could. But as time went by, I noticed that the nervous and shy pups would get picked instead.

One day, I heard footsteps approaching my kennel; I tried my best not to get too excited so that I wouldn't scare them off. My new strategy seemed to be working! The Two-Legger walked towards my kennel, crouched down on one knee and put his hand through the bars, and in a calm voice whispered, "Hola Señor Pedro! Wanna come home with me today?". I thought I'd never get a name, let alone one as fitting as Pedro. He flung open the door, scooped me up, gave me a tight squeeze and took me to my forever home. Finally, I was adopted!

I was lucky that my Two-Legger chose me. I know I have it good, but many dogs aren't as fortunate. There are so many more out there that need our help. Some insides don't have enough Two-Leggers to help out, and some don't have enough monies to take care of them, so they have to do bad things to make room for younger, healthier pups. So many of us have never slept in a real bed, chased butterflies, or eaten eggs. So many of us are blind, sick, or need emergency care. I get so sad when I think about my friends.
That's why my Two-Legger and I decided to launch The Good Boy Foundation. We want to make sure that all dogs are well taken care of. With your help, we can make that happen. For each Pedrito NFT sold, 50% of the proceeds go to a shelter in need.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide temporary refuge and medical care for rescued street dogs while our partners work to place them in permanent homes. We want to assist struggling shelters in maintaining a no-kill environment for stray and abandoned animals.

  • Promote effective adoption programs while fostering animal health and well-being.
  • Provide transparency to owners and supporters regarding partnerships, operations and finances.
  • 50% of all earnings to go towards partner animal shelters. Our international partnership network will expand in proportion to the number of sales.
  • The remaining 50% to kickstart DATALATTE's Web3 Data movement, enabling all internet users to monetise their digital footprint on an anonymous, secure, and fair data marketplace.

Our Partners

Animal Shelters:

Ellos son la razón AC

P.º de Las Flores 1194, Carlos Pacheco 6, Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico

Web3 Data Movement:


160 Robinson Road, #14-04 Singapore Business Federation Centre, Singapore (068914)

Decimal Flamingo LDA

AV Boa Esperanca, Loja 4A, 1990-043 Lisbon, Portugal


Stage 1 | 2021 Done!

Assemble a pack of developers, designers, and creators that have a love for animals and whose values align with the Good Boy Foundation.

Start illustration drafts.

Finalise vision, mission and values.

Stage 2 | 2021 Done!

Website plan and draft

Discord & Twitter: Establish community spaces where dog-loving humans can share their ideas, paws-ative stories and stay up-to-date on GBF news.

Develop marketing and communications campaigns.

Stage 3 | 2021 Done!

Approval of NFT illustrations

Holder voting system proposal

Launch Website

Stage 4 | 2022 - Current Stage - Loading...

Approval of holder voting system

Animal shelter outreach program

Develop marketing and communications campaign

Twitter author with GPT3 OpenAI

4th April 2022
Attending NFT Conference in Lisbon
Go live and mint first 1010 NFTs
1,010 NFTs to drop at ten random stages.
The whole collection amounts to 10,101 NFTpuppies.
After 25% sold
Giveaway announcement
After 50% sold
Giveaway to lucky holders
After 75% sold
First edition release of Pedro’s comic
After 100% sold
Voting on owner-proposed shelters begins.

Our Team


Founder, CEO








Communications Director


Social Media Director


Visual Artist


Full Stack Designer

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